PPP model development: implementation and training Cambodia

Themes: Capacity Development | Economic Growth | Governance | Private Sector Development | Regional Cooperation

Guinness Gallagher fielded a team of PPP policy and legal experts to assist the Government of Cambodia implement PPP as a means of funding and developing infrastructure projects in Cambodia.

Our team drafted a template Concession Contract that could be used by officials when negotiating with PPP private sector partners, together with an officials’ Guide Book to assist officials in (i) assessing PPP opportunities; (ii) assessing and approving potential PPP private sector partners; (iii) identifying issues to be considered by the government with regards to PPP concession agreements, together with detailed explanatory notes and training presentations.

The model developed by our team of specialist PPP policy and legal advisors incorporated:

  • International best practice on PPI contracts;
  • Compliance with Cambodian Accounting Standards (CAS37); and
  • Compliance with the existing Cambodian legal and regulatory environment.

In developing the model issues were identified by our team and possible solutions provided for:

  • Contracts and applications;
  • Liaison, responsibilities and undertakings of each party;
  • Determination of PPI life cycle;
  • “Value for Money” methodology and evaluation;
  • Use of financial models, payment;
  • Initial Technical Notices, negotiation, application of standardised contracts;
  • Contract monitoring and termination; Refinancing; and
  • Surveys and hand back at the completion of the contract.

The themes and sectors covered by this project were as follows: -

Theme Sub-Theme
Capacity Development - Client relations, network and partnership development
  - Institutional development
Economic Growth - Developing rural areas
  - Developing urban areas
Governance - Economic and financial governance
  - Public administration (national, decentralized, regional)
Private Sector Development - Policy reforms
  - Private sector investment
  - Public-Private Partnerships
Regional Cooperation - Cross border infrastructure
  - Other regional public goods
Sector Sub-Sector
Agriculture, natural resources, rural development - Agriculture production
Finance - Infrastructure finance and investment funds
Industry and Trade - Industry and trade sector development
Information and Communication Technology - ICT infrastructure