Defense sustainability: policy and implementattion review

Themes: Capacity Development | Governance

Guinness Gallagher’s defense and public policy experts undertook a comprehensive review of the Defense Sustainability Initiative program of the New Zealand Government, a policy initiative to remedy major defense gaps as a result of the declining capabilities of the New Zealand Defense Force over the ten years following the end of the Cold War in 1989, including declining funding, ageing equipment, and reductions in personnel numbers. These gaps were further exacerbated by a high level of operational activity, recruitment and retention challenges, and the pressures of introducing large quantities of new and upgraded equipment into defense. The Defense Sustainability Initiative program was the response from the Government to the challenges in operational and organizational capabilities.

Guinness Gallagher’s defense and public policy experts undertook a review of the achievements in the program and in particular reviewed the capabilities and any impact of the management structure arrangements within the defense force senior personnel to the achievement of the programs goals. The concept of three services, one force, mandated the Navy, Army, and Air Force to train, plan, and undertake exercises and operations together and called for the Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force, the Ministry of Defence and the three Services to collaborate in rebuilding the New Zealand Defence Force and planning its future.

Our team worked closely with the Chief of Defence Force and his senior staff in the review and assisted in engagements between the New Zealand Defence Force and government Treasury officials.

The themes and sectors covered by this project were as follows: -

Theme Sub-Theme
Capacity Development - Client relations, network and partnership development
  - Institutional development
  - Organizational development
Governance - Economic and financial governance
  - Public administration (national, decentralized, regional)
Sector Sub-Sector
Public sector management - Public expenditure and fiscal management
Transport - Multimodal logistics