ICT: combined emergency services network

Themes: Capacity Development | Economic Growth | Environmental Sustainability | Private Sector Development | Social Development

Guinness Gallagher’s ICT policy and regulatory experts worked with the state-owned enterprise broadcast and telecommunications company Kordia (then BCL) to review the feasibility of combining the existing police microwave services network with the SOE’s existing digital microwave network for television and mount full ICT and mobile telephony services and broadband capacity on the platform.

The aim was to investigate the feasibility of combining the various emergency services onto a new digital network, using the requirement of the police to upgrade their existing analogue system as a catalyst for change to bring all of the emergency service providers together.

The review involved assessing all of the existing networks, infrastructure, land easements, radio spectrum, legacy equipment to develop a pathway of integration for what at that stage was a series of discrete and independent network that used a wide range of platforms, infrastructure and ITC solutions to meet their individual and unique requirements and identify what elements were common, what could be combined and how the various needs could be met by a new comprehensive digital network capable of reaching all parts of the country.

The aim was to investigate whether the existing digital microwave network for television could have full ICT and mobile telephony services and broadband capacity mounted on and alongside the platform and to use this capability as a flexible, scalable and highly secure stand-alone wireless digital network for emergency services. Guinness Gallagher was able to prove the feasibility and workability of the concept.

The themes and sectors covered by this project were as follows: -

Theme Sub-Theme
Capacity Development - Client relations, network and partnership development
  - Institutional development
  - Organizational development
Economic Growth - Knowledge, science and technological capacities
  - Promoting economic efficiency and enabling business environment
Private Sector Development - Policy reforms
  - Private sector investment
  - Public Private Partnership
Social Development - Disaster risk management
Sector Sub-Sector
Information and Communication Technology - ICT industries and ICT-enabled services
  - ICT infrastructure
  - ICT strategy and policy, and capacity development
Public Sector Management - Public expenditure and fiscal management