Education: University restructuring

Themes: Capacity Development | Economic Growth | Gender Equity | Governance

Guinness Gallagher fielded a team of tertiary education and public sector financial cost management experts to undertake a review of the administrative structure and servicing of Lincoln University’s research and teaching programs.

The aim was to ascertain whether the current structure of service delivery being located in each functional and operational area was the most appropriate basis for cost effective, efficient, quality based, sustainable delivery, benchmarking the existing administrative servicing structures against various models. The review resulted in the implementation of a new structure that:

  • Applied a matrix delivery approach for administrative support across the organization;
  • Relocated significant portions of administrative support delivered from a centralized base across a matrix of schools and departments; and
  • Recognized and balanced the academic quality function and the recruitment and delivery of courses and programs to students.

The resulting realignment of the administrative function significantly improved the administrative support of the academic programs, the receiving and processing of student enrolment and management of the administration of one of New Zealand’s most important agricultural Universities.

The themes and sectors covered by this project were as follows: -

Theme Sub-Theme
Capacity Development - Institutional development
Economic Growth - Knowledge, science and technological capacities
  - Promoting economic efficiency and enabling business environment
Gender Equity - Gender equity in (human) capabilities
  - Gender equity in empowerment and rights
  - Promote gender equity
Governance - Public administration (national, decentralized, regional)
Sector Sub-Sector
Agriculture, natural resources, rural development - Agriculture research and application
Education - Technical and vocational education and training
  - Tertiary
Public Sector Management - Public expenditure and fiscal management