Public Sector Investment Indonesia: benchmarking and review

Themes: Capacity Development | Economic Growth | Governance | Private Sector Development | Regional Cooperation | Social Development

Guinness Gallagher fielded a team of public sector financial and investment advisors and specialized forestry operational and marketing experts to review the appropriateness of forestry as an investment class for public sector investment, working with international corporate advisors Ernst Young.

The review was twofold, firstly on forestry as an appropriate risk versus return public sector investment class and secondly a review of the actual forestry investment made by the Indonesian government public sector investment foundation.

Our specialized advisors undertook a benchmarking study on the appropriateness of long-term forestry as a low risk investment category for a public sector investment foundation in Indonesia, reviewing in particular the performance of forestry against other investment options. We then examined the existing investment, including the viability of the individual business units within the forestry group, providing recommendations on future investment strategies.

The themes and sectors covered by this project were as follows: -

Theme Sub-Theme
Capacity Development - Institutional development
  - Organizational development
Economic Growth - Knowledge, science and technological capacities
  - Promoting economic efficiency and enabling business environment
  - Promoting macroeconomic stability
  - Widening access to markets and economic activities
Governance - Economic and financial governance
Private Sector Development - Private sector investment
  - Public Private Partnerships
Regional Cooperation - Cross border infrastructure
  - Trade and investments
Social Development - Indigenous people
Sector Sub-Sector
Agriculture, natural resources, rural development - Forestry
Finance - Infrastructure finance and investment funds
Industry and Trade - Industry and trade sector development
  - Large and medium industries
Public Sector Management - Economic affairs management
  - Reforms of state-owned enterprises